Our Process


The Magic Behind our Good-ness

Our candy shop is clean, neat and well stocked. We present the largest selection of chocolates and ice cream in the state of Indiana. Our staff of associates are well trained, friendly and courteous proving once again why we are not just better, we’re Good’s!

Watch the video below to learn more about how we make our fine chocolates. This short film follows the cocoa bean from the rain forest to Good’s Candy Shop and explains how the cocoa bean has influenced our lives for over 3500 years.

We have perfected the art of hand dipping soft center creams with no artificial additives to maintain the rich, creamy flavor our customers have enjoyed for years. Each piece of candy has its own unique signature on the top called a throw, marking the delicious flavor on the inside.

Pictured right, is  our mold filling machine that creates our chocolate bars. Click here to view our selection of delicious molded chocolates. If you prefer, we can also make a custom order to fit your special occasion. Check out custom bars and custom wrappers for more information.

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