For qualifying companies we offer wholesale opportunities. We look for people who strive to offer only the best in chocolates. Location and presentation is very important in maintaining our reputation. We do not offer sales rights to an area; we let the free market determine sales. By using proper marketing, handling and sales techniques you can be the leader of chocolate sales in your area.

Resale program
We package our products so that you may resale them in your store. There are no minimums. Each item comes pre-priced if desired. Bar coding is available. We allow for a nice profit for all of our partners.

Bulk program
You may purchase our products in bulk so that you may re-package in your containers. We can assist you with packaging suggestions price points and marketing.

Whichever program works for you, let us use our years of experience to help promote your business and candies. We can help you with handling and storage techniques to ensure you provide the best presentation of our fine chocolates.

Please contact Randy Good.
765.642.7247 or 1.866.375.0309

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