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Tours: See How It’s Made

Tours: See How It’s Made

Now you can experience chocolate close up! Schedule a group tour and watch our famous “How do they make it so GOOD” video. This short film follows the cocoa bean from the rain forest to Good’s Candy Shop. Watch how we make our fine chocolates and learn about the process. Listen as we tell you the interesting story about how the cocoa bean has influenced our lives for over 3500 years. Visit our viewing area and actually see our candies and ice cream being made. Each day, Monday thru Friday, are opportunities to see a different technique in the amazing ways we make our delicious chocolates. Come see why we are not just better, we’re Good’s!

We welcome guests of all ages to our chocolate shop. Our candy shop is clean, neat and well stocked. Visit with us and learn about the art of being a chocolatier. Our shop is large, bright and colorful, and we utilize thousands of square feet to prepare the largest selection of chocolates in Central Indiana.

Guided tours are $2.00 per person. Please call ahead (765-642-7247) or fill out the form to your left to request a tour. Walk ins are welcome and can take self-guided tours during business hours. We offer private parties and tours after hours for groups and organizations. Please contact us for details.

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