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Boxed Chocolate

Our boxed chocolates along with these popular corporate gifts are perfect for friends, family, clients and employees. Each is gift wrapped for free. You also qualify for free shipping for orders of $500.00 or more.

Volume Discounts
$400-$1000 5% discount
$1001-$2000 10% discount
$2001-$3000 15% discount
$3001 and up 20% discount

Clear Lid

Make a statement as you hand out these visually appealing assortments. We do not recommend shipping these boxes.

Place our stock bar or your custom bar in this half-pound clear lid box surrounded by assorted chocolates.

Custom Bar with Assorted Chocolates

This 3 lb. flat box has a show stopping presentation. It comes filled with milk, dark and white chocolate nuts, creams, cherries, caramels, truffles and to drive the message home, a a custom bar made just for your company’s personal message. Click here to learn more about custom molding and presentation.


Take advantage of your options with our custom made chocolate gift baskets. Baskets begin at $25.99 and go up to any price to meet your budget. Let us ship these and anything else you find on our web site to your clients.

Custom Bars

Create your own custom made chocolate bar. We can place your slogan or logo on our 1 oz. or 6 oz. size bars. The 1 oz. bars come in a convenient white, gold or red window box. 1 oz. bars ($1.79 ea.) have a one-time tooling charge of $200.00. 6 oz. bars ($4.99 ea.) come in a beautiful gold cavity with a clear lid. The one-time 6 oz. bar tooling charge is $200.00.

No minimum after tooling is completed. Please order in quantities of 20.

Custom Wrappers

Create your own custom wrapper on our milk chocolate candy bar. Place your logo, slogan, address or event information on this 2 oz. bar. A one-time set-up charge of $75.00 for full color processing.

Quantities of 200 required.
$0.99 ea.

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