Good’s Candy Shop is blessed with the greatest customers in the world.

We truly appreciate feedback, and we enjoy sharing it with you. What our happy customers say is better than anything we tell you. Take a minute to read what others have told us, and if you would like to add your comments, please email Randy Good at rg@goodscandyshop.com.

Randy, thanks for the quick reply. Fantastic customer service and I’m sure your business will excell under your leadership. Thanks, Mike

Would like to thank Randy Good and his entire staff today for making us all feel so welcome. Thank you for the presentation and tour, thank you for the sample!, thank you for taking the time to treat us so wonderfully. I’ve had chocolate from Florida to Canada and by FAR yours is truly the best!

Carla Ellington

Want to say “thanks!”—my mom & I so enjoyed our mom’s cones saturday -we often stop @ goods for ice cream when I visit from Ohio–we feel it is our “mothers day tradition” now:)

Linda Darlington Pugsley

Dear Mr. Good,
There aren’t words to tell you how impressed the children were with your visit. You did an incredible job. You’ve no idea how much learning increases when students have a “being there” experience. I really, really appreciate your visit.
Nicky R.
Eastern Hancock School

Magnificent chocolates! Thank you!
Linda B.
Ypsilanit, MI

I moved from Anderson 5 years ago and still have to order from you! Nothing else even compares!
Whitney K.
Edmond, OK

What fun the volunteers had enjoying your chocolate fountain. They also enjoyed the chocolate top hats. I so enjoy working with you. Thanks again for all you did to make another great banquet!
Judy L.
Saint Johns Hospital

Our class tremendously enjoyed the field trip to your shop. When some of the other teachers discovered we were visiting, they sent candy orders with me! I look forward to bringing other classes in the future!
Sheilah S.
Horizon Christian School 4th grade

Your quality is excellent! I know when I give a gift from Good’s – I’m giving the best!
I personally love your sugar free selections.
Fairfax, VA

I have been buying your candy for quite a few years. I am very satisfied with your quality and consistency!
Spokane, WA

Just bopped in today for a quart of ice cream and some sugar free peanut butter cups for my grandmother’s birthday. She loved it!
Laura Walker Turvey

OMG! It’s the best I’ve ever tasted!
M. Vanorden
Fulton, MO

My family and I just came to Good’s for the first time tonight and WOW it was amazing! We had the 4lb banana split (to share of course)! Such nice girls working behind the counter! We WILL be back again but next time we’re bringing more people with us so they too can fall in love with you!

Amanda Muncy-McNeely

I am just calling to tell you how thrilled we were with your fund raiser. We have held many over the years and yours blew everyone out of the water. The level of professionalism, courtesy and kindness was very much appreciated.
Thank you so much!
Bill K.
Anderson, IN

I received your candy as a holiday gift. It is one of the best dark chocolates in the world! Very creative and an assortment of fillings.
V. Bohannon
Las Vegas, Nevada

Delicious!! 10 +++!
R. Johnson
St. Cloud, Florida

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