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7 Signs of High Quality Chocolate

5/10/2011 • By Randy Good
7 Signs of High Quality Chocolate

Not all bars of chocolate are created equal. Here are some helpful tips for you to use to determine if you are getting true, high-quality chocolate.

  1. Appearance
  2. Your chocolate should be evenly colored, smooth, and with a sheen. It should not be streaked, have cracks, air bubbles, or a cloudy appearance. If you notice a grey or white cloud, then the sugar has bloomed, and the chocolate has probably been subjected to extreme temperatures.

  3. Touch
  4. Good chocolate should be silky, not sticky. It should begin to melt to the touch quickly.

  5. Aroma
  6. This is where the tasting really begins, so pay attention to the fragrance of your chocolate. Gently rub the bar with your finger to warm it just a bit, releasing the aroma. It should smell richly of chocolate, with earthy, fruity, or floral undertones. Be careful of overly sugary or vanilla fragrances.

  7. “Snap”
  8. When you break a piece of chocolate, you should hear a clear and clean “snap”. Dark chocolate will break more easily than milk chocolate, due to milk content. Poor quality chocolate will crumble or bend when it is broken.

  9. Texture
  10. The texture is also called the mouth-feel. Cocoa butter has the same melting point as our body temperature, so it should begin to melt very quickly after we put it in our mouths. You should be instantly struck by its flavor and smoothness. If it is grainy, gluey, or waxy, that is an indicator of a high vegetable fat content.

  11. Flavor
  12. The complex flavors of good chocolate depend on the quality of the cacao beans, the manufacturing process, and the skill of the chocolatier. Good quality chocolate should have a rich chocolate taste, with earthy, fruity, or floral undertones. To really enjoy the taste one should press the bite up against the roof of the mouth with the tongue. Breath through the nose to enjoy the overall taste and aroma.

  13. Lingering Sensory Enjoyment
  14. You should experience a clean but complex taste in your mouth for several minutes after eating a piece of high-quality chocolate.

We would love to hear about the best piece of chocolate you have ever eaten from Good’s. And if you have any questions about chocolate, please post them below.

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